I'm finally letting my emotions be my guide

I’m finally letting my emotions be my guide

Since I started on my journey I’ve become better and better at listening to my emotions. Because they tell me so much.

They tell me, if I’m alright, first and foremost.

And they tell me if I’m on the right path, when it comes to the direction of my life.

They tell me, when I’m resisting something.

They tell me how wonderful life really can be.

When I first started on this, dare I say it, spiritual, journey, I couldn’t feel my emotions. I didn’t know how I felt.

I had no idea where I began and other people started.

I had spent all my life scanning other people’s emotions, and disregarding my own, so I couldn’t really feel my own feeling. I was often surrounded by at least one person I could read, and when I was alone I was just exhausted.

When I look back, it totally makes sense, since I spent so much energi trying to read other people.

Now I feel a very negative sensation, when I start reading people the way I used to. I’ve recently felt the old emotions, and it is very clear what is going on now. But it has taken me about 4 years of intensive “feeling” who I am and where I am, and especially where I STOP.

When I overstep my own boundaries, and start feeling other people’s (negative) emotions, I feel bad. Because I’ve started to really learn where that boundary is, and that I really deeply want to respect it.

One way, that helped me a ton, to figure out where I stopped and other people began, was to ask my very closest people, to help me.

I asked them if I could say whatever I felt, at any given time. Whatever small sensation or emotion that came up, I’d say out loud, when they were around. If I’d been triggered by something. If I noticed a change in my thoughts. If I heard someone say something and I felt something. If I ate something and felt something. Really anything at all.

And they helped me, by giving me response to what I was feeling, and helping me figure out what I felt. If they were my own emotions or other people’s stuff.

Still I feel other people’s stuff – but I get quicker and quicker at noticing it. Then I know that I don’t have to feel those feelings anymore.

It has taken a couple of years of intense practicing, but I can now trust my own emotions, and my inner guidance in my life – and it’s totally worth it! I love being able to feel who I am and where I am! And give out of my emotions, rather that just suck other people’s emotions.

Here’s to feeling your own emotions! <3

<3 Parnuuna

ps. Wanna become pen pals? ☟

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