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I’m manifesting…

I have to keep writing, when I’m in a writing mode – however late it is (1:36am for now). I don’t need anyone’s permission to do what feels right for me <- reminder to myself, because I have just blown my mind with how much I rely on other people to decide for me…. Jeez.

Anyway! …

I believe 100% in manifestation – law of attraction – and I feel it’s time for me to stand by it.

I’ve been secretly wishing that it is true, but not really believing in it, because … well, “that’s not how the world works”, is a common statement.

I have been SO faithful to the belief that everyone else “knows best” – even though almost every person have their very own view of the world, and therefore experience of the world, and therefore the recipe for life in general. Do you know how many mixed signals you can get about life, when you take advice from everyone?

Well – it’s time I started listening to myself – and I believe in manifestation – the universal law of attraction. And I am not consciously creating my own life. And when I’m not – I’ll find it out, observe it, and CRUSH what is in my way!

I have up until now been manifesting other people needing me in their life, so I couldn’t create my own. I have been believing that everyone but me were more important in my life, but me.

I have been building other people’s foundations, but my own. I have let other people decide what my dreams and goals were.

I have manifested living my life for others.

I am now manifesting living life for me. I am manifesting a life that feels good to me.

I am manifesting time to do the things I enjoy.

I am manifesting energy to be who I want to be.

I am manifesting health.

I am manifesting abundance in every positive aspect of my life – health, wealth, love, joy, connection, fun.

I am manifesting good feelings all around me.

And I am manifesting more and more clarity around what I want.

I used to believe that if I lived a happy life, I’d be taking that happiness from someone else. I’d be taking THAT piece of the pie, that someone else wanted. But I KNOW with a hundred percent certainty, that by being joyful, happy and full of love, I get to spread even MORE happiness around.

Scarcity mindset does funny things to a person, and I want no more of it. I am now converting to a wealth mindset, and I believe there is MORE than enough love, happiness, joy and feel good for everyone. And it’s nobody’s job but our own to make sure it’s in our lives.

I am scared to admit it, but I believe it with all of my heart!

How do you want to live?

Here’s to manifesting the best life! This is so exciting!

<3 Parnuuna

ps. wanna be penpals? ☟

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