Return Policy


On digital products, returns are not accepted. Products are non refundable.


Once a coaching or mentoring service is bought, there are no refunds.

Coaching is built on personal responsibility and accountability.
Coaching is for emotionally healthy individuals. If the client shows signs of disrespect,  manipulative behaviour, abusive language, etc. The company will remove the person from the program and end their participation to ensure the stability of the program and the members involved. The client will not get a refund under any circumstance. 

PHYSICAL GOODS – Printful fulfillments

So far, physical goods are fulfilled by Printful – and you can read the shopping & returns policy here.

Generally speaking – we’re all human here, and if you’re experiencing any trouble concerning the stuff or the services you buy from me – contact me, and we’ll find the best way to resolve it together.

<3 Parnuuna