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Simple manifestation process by Denise DT

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I’m listening to an audiobook (for the 3rd or 4th time now) called “Get Rick, Lucky Bitch” by Denise Duffield-Thomas.

And it is such a joy to read books like this, more than once, because you learn something new every time. Or you realise how far you’ve come in your mindset work, when something you didn’t get before, just makes perfect sense now. 

OK – so, I’ve been looking into manifestation and the law of attraction for quite a while now, and it is finally starting to come together.

Denise talks about it in a pretty down to earth, step by step manner, and it seems very very simple to follow. AND IT IS! If you get it…..

Because I’ve read it a couple of times, and then read half a million other books, and the re-read it – and gotten some more out of it.

Manifestation is really really REALLY simple! But tremendously difficult, if you don’t get it. And most people don’t get it, because it’s so foreign, that it can be easy.

Easy to get what you want and live a life full of joy and happiness and the everything.

Denise breaks it down to 5 steps. And they ARE simple… here they are:

  1. Declutter EVERYTHING in your life.
  2. Decide exactly what you want.
  3. Surround your life with positivity.
  4. Take inspired action.
  5. Receive and fine-tune.

….sounds simple, right?

Simple  manifestation process - feel good rebel

I’ll just break the steps down, for myself to understand – because “there must be more to it”…

1. Declutter everything in your life…

And that means EVERYTHING!!!! Both physical and mental clutter. I have been decluttering my home several times now, and every time I do it – it releases more and more negative energy.

Look at your surroundings – your physical surroundings. Those are the manifestation of your internal world.

Who are you surrounding yourself with. People who lift you up? Or people who drain you. DECLUTTER!

Are you feeling good in your home? Do you have only items that make you feel good? If not: DECLUTTER!

Are you having wonderful thoughts about yourself and your life every day? Or do you have negative self talk? DECLUTTER!

Do you feel good? No… DECLUTTER!

Decluttering your mental stuff can be quite a journey. Especially if you’re at my age, and have been giving yourself some pretty negative speeches (inside your own head) for 39 years. I keep finding things to declutter – and every time I do – I make space for better things to manifest!

So it’s a practice. Forever declutter, and remove unwanted things, thoughts and patterns in your life. It’ll give space to new and improved things, thoughts and patterns.

Go for FUCK YES! Don’t ever settle for “hmm, I can settle for this” – if you want to manifest magnificence! πŸ˜€

ok… next one..

2. Decide exactly what you want

THIS can be quite difficult – when you (like me) always have been thinking what you DON’T want.

The thing about manifestation is, that it’s a law… a law of attraction. And that means “like attracts like”. And that means, if you think about how much you don’t want to be poor, you’ll get more of what you don’t want.

I’ve ALWAYS thought that – until recently. And I thought that it was alright to think about what you don’t want. well – it is, of course. But if you want to attract the opposite (wealth), you can’t focus on being poor.

A dream/goal/wish always have to sides – and your emotions tell you which side you’re on.

MONEY, for instance. There’s and ABUNDANCE of money or LACK of money.

“I want to get rich. I’m so tired of being poor. It must feel better to have a lot of money. I’d be so much happier with a million bucks in my bank account.”

Those statements come from a place of LACK. Can you feel them? If you read them, what do you feel? If you imagine a person saying them, what is the person feeling? Not super happy, right… Not particularly good/safe/prosperous/etc…

“I’m looking so much forward to getting rich. I don’t mind being where I am, but I’m just so excited about the possibilities just expanding! I don’t need anything, but it could be so much fun with a lot more money. One day I want to try and fill a suitcase with $100 bills. Like in the movies. I can’t wait!”

Thos statements are more relaxed and not so “lack-y”. They come from a place of safety and trust. A faith in abundance does that to you. And just like a muscle in your body, it’s something you can train and practice.

So!!! Decide what you WANT – and totally disregard what you DON’T want. Of course it can be helpful to start with knowing what you don’t want, in order to find out what you DO want – but after that, just forget about the things you don’t want. They will just clutter your energy.

Next one…

3. Surround your life with positivity

Kind of a spin-off of the second one… When you decide on what you DO want – surround yourself with everything that supports your desire.

Do you want to manifest the biggest kitchen you can think of? (that’s me) Declutter your (small/tiny) kitchen, and make space. Buy kitchen stuff you LOVE, and fill your kitchen with love. Appreciate your kitchen, and dream up scenarios (THAT FEEL GOOD!!!) you can do, when you get your bigger kitchen. Make everything about your kitchen delicious, all the while imagining how much better it can be, when you move to a bigger place.

More money? (that’s me too) Declutter everything about your money. Clean wallet, organised bank accounts. Decide on abundance of money. Look around you and surround yourself with everything that make you feel good about money. Love money – when they enter your life and when they exit your life. See how much good they can give. Know that money is forever flowing to you.

I think you get the gist of it. Eliminate negative emotions around the subjects of your desire. Generally, eliminate negative emotions all around. There are half a million ways to do this, and I guess I’ve created this blog to talk more about that too. πŸ˜›

alright… next one…

4. Take inspired action

THIS is SOOOO cool, when you get it!

Taking inspired action is THE coolest thing about manifestation!

I have been brought up to “suffer” through life. Work hard, and you can get some stuff you like. Save up, and you can buy some bigger things. Work harder if you want more. Don’t expect too much though, because life is TOUCH and HARD – and you’re bound to struggle. There is no other way.

bla bla bla! I don’t believe it anymore!

You have to take action, though – in order to manifest things. But not just any action.

The common action, when you work toward your goals and desires are usually “MORE and HARDER and DOUBLE-UP action” that feels like going upwards in a stream.

It’s a common belief that you have to work hard to “go big”. You have to hustle and struggle. You have to have grit. You have to grind. Etc. You get the picture – you’ve probably seen motivational videos on youtube (like me).

BUT BUT BUT – This is where INSPIRED action is so cool!!!! You just do whatever you FEEL like you should do, at any given moment.

And – when you get the hang of it – you ONLY have to do things that make you FEEL GOOD!

It doesn’t mean that you only have to sit in front of your tv, because you really enjoy watching Netflix, and that is your favourite thing to do. Because at some point you will get a feeling, that you want to do something else…

Ah – I can’t really explain it yet – but I have an analogy here…

You sit and watch Netflix…. You feel like you have to pee soon. But you’re almost done with the episode of…. Outlander… You enjoy the rest of the episode – maybe with a little water in your eyes, but it’s okay. You KNOW you’re going to the bathroom in a couple of minutes. The episode ends, and you pause the beginning of next episode, and you go to the bathroom, and relieve yourself. You get back to your sofa, and continue.

THE GOING TO THE BATHROOM WAS AN INSPIRED ACTION!!!! Coming from a desire of relieving yourself, to enjoy your show even more.

If you have had held it in, for another 45 minute episode, you’d probably start to be unfocused and uncomfortable. And the “common belief action” would be something like… I’LL JUST SIT MORE AND LONGER, AND WATCH EVEN MORE EPISODES, BECAUSE I’LL ENJOY IT HARDER! UGH!

Okay… I don’t know if you got THAT there, but maybe…

Inspired action, is action that feels totally natural. Like the natural next step toward your desire, whatever it may be.

When your action feels hard – it’s because you haven’t decluttered enough or you’re unsure of your exact desire, OR you’re thinking about the lack of your desire. This is our norm – to be here in clutter, negative emotions and lack – so it CAN be difficult to find your way out – but let me tell you, that it’s ALL worth it!!!

Last step…

5. Receive and fine-tune

When you’ve done 1-4, all you have to do, is to allow whatever you’re manifesting to come into your life.

The “Universe-Belief” is, that it is already there. Whenever you desire something – it’s already there – YOU just have to go to it – through your clutter, through your negative emotions, through your limiting beliefs. It already exists FOR you, energetically. And your manifestation journey, is to clear the path between your desire and YOU. That is it.

If the path is not clear – go through the steps again.

Declutter everything, decide what you want, surround yourself with positivity and take inspired action, and then receive.

The great thing about playing around with manifestation, is that your desires get bigger and bigger. As you expand, so does your goals. And it get more and more fun! Because it’s no longer a desperation for something you lack. But a game of what you can attract.

Well – I’ve studied manifestation (read books, watched videos and talked a lot about it with a good friend of mine, Franciska) for about 3-4 years, and I am THRILLED of being where I am. I no longer DOUBT that I can get what I want. Because I no longer feel the lack of it. I am in complete faith, that whatever I desire is there for me. I just have to get to it.

And I get to my desires by feeling good. So I cannot fail in any way. Unless my purpose in life is to feel bad, of course… πŸ˜›

I could talk for many more hours about this – but yet again it’s 2 am, and I should probably go to bed. My body is getting tired (my inspired action would be to go to bed, because my desire now is to feel refreshed – see what I mean?).

So – Here’s to manifesting your wildest dreams, while you feel good and have fun!

<3 Parnuuna

ps. Wanna be pen pals? ☟

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