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The Feel Good Rebel Community – First draft 2021

I’ve been brainstorming, and I am pasting what I’ve copied in my braindumping journal here. If this feels like something for you – sign up for early bird, VIP news when it’s ready. 😀

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The Feel Good Rebel Community – Membership

What’s it about? It’s about helping each other reaching insane levels of happiness and growth.

Why? Because it sucks living a mediocre life. Well, what do we help each other with? Like for reals?

I have chosen the next 7 months worth of topics/categories we will actively pursue in the community (the rest of the year). Together we will find next years topics – they can be the same as before. Whatever feels right.

Each week, we’ll have a short virtual meet-up/challenge or even just a post, where I will, in the beginning, inspire us to work on the topic. We’ll be able to talk about each our goals and progress in the community, and support & celebrate each other’s wins.

Together we will figure out what the best way to do this is. I can set up a million plans for what to do, but in reality, the best communities are created together.

Let me just share some things I have considered so far.

The Feel Good Rebel Community is a place, where we move forward. We progress and we grow. It’s a space where we guide each other forward. We kick each other’s butts, and get out of our own ways.

The purpose is for each of us to live our best lives, and grow beyond our wildest dreams. To pursue our biggest dreams and goals, and SMASH them! Whatever they are. Personally I am very “business & money-minded”, and “mindset-minded”. I dream of freedom. I dream of wealth. I dream of peace – to myself and everybody else. I believe in HUGE GLOBAL changes, by changing ourselves. It all starts within.

The topics we’re going to start with.

And again – as we are to co-create, it is not set in stone, but guidelines to begin with. And I would LOVE to figure out how to get some experts in the group to help us with these topics, that would be cool – but as I am starting this – I am starting this.🙂 !


“Dreaming & goal setting”

Find your big dream, and set your first goal.

Sundays – perfect for intention setting

  1. 6th June: Introduction + get clarity of one goal/dream
  2. 13th June: Goal setting.
  3. 20th June: Accountability & a kick in the butt
  4. 27th June: What’s next step for you?


“Learn to love the fear”

One of the inevitable things we’ll encounter when we go after our big goals and dreams is FEAR. In all shapes and forms. Let’s learn to love fear for what it is. This is probably a topic we can work on for months and months and months.

Sundays – perfect for intention setting

  1. 4th July: Introduction + what are the first fear that comes up in you now. Assignment: observe
  2. 11th July: Coping mechanisms – what are yours?
  3. 18th July: Telling yourself different stories.
  4. 25th July: Becoming friends with your fear – it’s really an ally.


“What is your body telling you”

How closely connected are you with your body? Can you “hear” what it tells you? Deep diving into how we feel things in our bodies. How fear feels, how hunger feels, how sadness feels, how elation feels, etc. Personally I’ve been brought up to disregard the signals my own body, and I am constantly training myself to learn what my body is telling me. Because it speaks louder and louder. So what can we do to feel better in our bodies.

Sundays – perfect for intention setting

  1. 8th August: Introduction + different things our body tells us.
  2. 15th August: Map out how your feel good emotions make your body feel.
  3. 22nd August: Map out how your negative emotions make your body feel.
  4. 29th August: How can we use this info, to go after the feel good ones…



It is inevitable to talk about manifestation, when you hang out with me. What is it, and how does it work. Uuuh, I can bring a ton of resources here. (books, and stuff).

Sundays – perfect for intention setting

  1. 5th September: Introduction + what is manifestation?
  2. 12th September: What have you been wanting so bad, and haven’t manifested yet? Let’s talk WANTING & NEEDING vs EXPECTING.
  3. 19th September: (day after my 40th birthday) Let’s play a manifestation game.
  4. 26th September: How’s it going, and what are you manifesting?


“Scary Stories – Limiting beliefs”

Just because it’s halloween month, and I’m a former goth. Well – Scary stories we tell ourselves, that make our reality feel fearful. Stuff like “I can’t do this thing, because I tell myself I am not that kind of person….” Ok, that was kind of vague, but I’m sure you get the gist of it. Limiting beliefs. These are also the stories, that holds you back from manifesting what you want.

Sundays – perfect for intention setting

  1. 10th October: Introduction + Stories we tell ourselves, that SUCK – assignment: observe – they be subtle sometimes.
  2. 17th October: How to find those sneaky limiting beliefs, when they’re hiding.
  3. 24th October: Let’s reverse those stories, so we can feel better!
  4. 31st October: Storytime – Let’s talk about our stories, and how we’re changing them. Inspiration session.


“Relations – Connections”

We’ve been talking a lot about ourselves. But how about people-ing? Sometimes that can suck the life force right out of you, and other times it gives you an abundance of energy. How do we get more of the good relations and less of the bad?

Sundays – perfect for intention setting

  1. 7th November: Introduction + Different kinds of relations.
  2. 14th November: Who are the people you’re really enjoying – and why?
  3. 21st November: Communication is key – Let’s talk honesty.
  4. 28th November: Obligation vs. wanting to with people.


“Feel Good Rebel Holiday Special”

24 days of feeling good.Daily goodies 1st to 24th of December. I’ll make sure it’s awesome and engaging – no pressure, I know it can be a busy month for some!

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Beliefs
  • Body
  • Action
  • Relations
  • Memes
  • etc

I am so super psyched about this now, let’s GO! XDWell, Now I’ve mapped out some ideas for this year, and it’s stuff I’ll really enjoy deep diving into. Because I KNOW that it really gets you moving forward when you talk about all these things. And when you do it with intention. And especially when you talk about it in a safe space.

If this works for us all, it’ll be AWESOME, and it’ll be even better in 2022! Because we’ll be co-creating even more. And now I am already looking forward to it. Because what I have just outlined here, is what my lonesome brain has come up with – and when we do this together, it’ll become a movement. And feeling good will be the new norm! That’s the end goal!

Sign up to get news when it’s ready for entering the community – it’s getting built as we speak.

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