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The journey of The Feel Good Rebel begins

I’ve just been decluttering my online space because I’ve been having this idea with Feel Good Rebel for some time. I’m tried to do all sorts of other stuff, that have just cluttered my energy, and now they’re off the table. I have removed myself from my former business Sy Nu – I’ve redirected my other personal/business website to feelgoodrebel.com, because why in the whole wide frickin F would I have to similar sites? That’s just waste of energy.

(golden nugget here: if you think you should put your eggs in more than one basket – find or make the first basket FIRST – THEN start finding or making other baskets)

I am so wonderfully passionate about feeling good, because I am 100% sure that that is the meaning of life. I’ve just been taught otherwise. I come from a community and live in another community, where the norm is to complain and judge others.

My body, mind and soul tells me, that that is NOT what we’re here for. My conditioning have been trying to keep me from living my best life and pursuing my ridiculously big dreams. I have been surrounded by people telling me that I should be “realistic” and “go the safer paths”. I’ve been told that “sometimes you just got to struggle in order to enjoy life”.

I don’t believe it to be true! I believe we’re struggling, because we’ve been taught that that is “just how life is”. And it really sits stuck in the body and in the mind. But when you learn to listen to your heart and your soul, it tells a completely different story!

So coming from a place where I feel like the oddball out, I’m gathering all the other oddballs – who believe in manifestation, in fun, in feeling good, in pursuing big goals and dreams, with intense ambitions around having the best life ever!

I’m creating an online community! I’m thinking active community, with brainstorming sessions, group meetings, talks about our dreams and goals, and sharing our skills, networking – and hopefully in the future – real life meetups.

I’m calling out to whoever feels alone in their ridiculously happy & positive life perspectives. I am calling out to creatives. I am calling out to you, who have a deep KNOWING that there’s so much life has to offer, and I want it all! And I want to hang out with people who feel the same way!

Being a Feel Good Rebel means that you’re rebelling against the norm that tells you to suck it up and struggle through life. It means that you’re choosing to go your own way, even though everyone around you thinks you’re crazy. It means playing the big game, and learning to love EVERY FRICKIN STEP on the way, because THAT is really what it is about!

Feel free to ask me anything, and feel free to leave feedback, because THIS is only the beginning.

❤ Parnuuna


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