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Working on boundaries

I am currently working on setting my own boundaries, and I’m asking other people about their boundaries, and I am learning so ridiculously much each and every day. My husband is tired of listening to me setting boundaries and… being the receiver of the boundary setting… XD

But it is so fucking liberating to frickin’ TAKE UP SPACE, and ALLOW MYSELF to be VALID. Jesus motherfucking CHRIST, I’ve been playing so SMALL and insignificant.

Somehow it is changing now. Ever since 2012, when I had a depression, I began as a caterpillar, creating my cocoon of beautiful and liberating personal development – and these days – the last month just – I have been breaking out of my cocoon, and I am starting to spread my wondrously colourful butterfly wings!

I will forever vouch for personal development, growth, expansion and spiritual awakening! And I am sure it looks different for everyone, but I am even surer that it’s all worth it. It’s worth digging through the mud ON PURPOSE, to get on THIS side!!!

Anyway! I am just so very excited about being alive! XD

Currently I am taking a challenge in a facebook group by Carrie Green (Creator of, called Create & Sell it. And I am realising even more things about myself – along with getting further in my own online biz-ideas.

If you know me, you know that I’ve had an online sewing and pattern drafting business, and it was fun – but it was also frickin hard. And I worked a lot, and earned very little, and ended up having to close shop, after 4 years of struggle.

I have been so resistant about creating a new online business, because I’ve been so scared to get into the same situation – and I have just realised that TODAY! 1,5 years after I closed the other business.

The fear ends now – and I am opening up for ALL opportunities. So as I have been kind of vaguely advocating, I am taking messy action, and just creating products!

While taking the challenge I am creating my very first “boundary-setting digital product” – it’s basically the very first exercise I did myself, to start my journey in 2012. And it is awesome!!!

I’ll write more about it after tomorrow.

And now I’ll never shut up about what I am creating and selling, because this is actually fun, when the fear disappears! πŸ˜€

Here’s to facing your fears and creating the best life ever!!!!

And setting some healthy boundaries! Step by tiny step if needed. <3

<3 Parnuuna

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