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I empower creative, introverted women to go after their big magical dreams and stop caring what other people think, by smashing their limiting beliefs through guided journaling and exercises, so they no longer get run over by others and finally stand their ground. Goodbye people pleasing and hello happiness & energy

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1-on-1 personal coaching

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Manifestation, self love, and tons of pondering in writing. It’s all about getting closer to feeling good in any point in time. It’s such a waste of time to be stuck in mediocrity – how about we say “ENOUGH!”, and reclaim our power!

Experiments, trials, challenges, wins & losses – shared without a bullshit filter. Read more about what I am learning on this journey of mine, and join in.

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Listen to the ramblings of a creative & ambitious woman, who seeks to eliminate all limiting beliefs and step into her power.

Talks about all the struggles, all the wins and all the lessons to be learned in life – all in the pursuit of feeling good.

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